Snorkeling in Kisite Marine Park

Snorkeling in Kisite Marine Park Look at this!! What a lot of fishes around me

At the extreme southern coast of Kenya, a few kilometers north of the border with Tanzania, is the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park. The reserve protects founded in 1978 and consists of 4 small islands, which are surrounded by coral reefs. Protected because these islands and their native animals and migratory birds.

The reserve is accessible only by boat or dhow and is a breeding ground for o.a Bonte Stern. Along the way you have a chance to be accompanied by a number of dolphins; further there 's 250 fish species, including the Barracuda.

The Kisite Mpungute Marine Park is also home to various species of turtle, including the Leatherback turtle. The water is very clean and clear and therefore perfect for snorkeling. They can also scuba diving and water skiing.

Wasini Island is a 5 km2 in area and is mostly visited in a day trip for snorkeling or diving. On the island are no roads, cars and hotels and the local population still lives under the traditional Swahili living in two villages; Wasini and Mkwiro.

You can see further on the island of ancient baobab trees, some Swahili ruins, ancient mosques, tombs and houses.

Each excursion is generally concluded with a traditional Arabic verse seafood lunch at the popular restaurant on Wasini Island.