A tour to Mombasa city is a tour through present and history of Africa. For example we visit the harbour and Fort Jesus, an imposing fort that gives you a nice view over the water.

Fort Jezus

The strategic position and underground passages of this 16th Century Fort made it a centre of struggle between the Portuguese and the Shirazi Arabs.

Exotic Centre

The heart of Mombasa is the old town, an exotic centre with narrow streets and busy markets. The alleys are as much a sensation as the many historical sites. The air is filled with the scent of salty water and exotic spices and herbs. The historical influences are revealed by the Arab architecture. Mosques, Hindu Temples and Catholic churches stand side by side. Colourful Clothing brings the streets to live with the traditional "khanga" and "kikoy", the wrap worn by both men and women.

Mombasa as a modern metropolis

The city is also a modern Metropolis, with modern buildings, wider roads or avenues. Our tour takes you to many sights of both the historic and modern living Mombasa. And we'll show you the best local restaurants that cater mouth-watering Swahili dishes.