Arabuko Sokoke Forest

The start of the walk over the tie bridge hanging above the mongrove The start of the walk over the tie bridge hanging above the mongrove

The Arabuko Sokoke forest is one of the last remaining indigenous forests in Kenya. The entire forest covers about 420 square kilometers. Only 6 square kilometers has been declared a national park. There have been several attempts to expand this area, but the local residents oppose this. In this special forest, a lot of wonderful flora and fauna can be seen. It is eminently suitable to explore the beautiful unspoilt wilderness.

The Arabuko Sokoke forest is situated near Malindi and is thus very close if you stay in one of the beautiful accommodations Malindi has to offer. From Mombasa, the drive takes about two hours. We can organise this tour for you if you are staying in Malindi, Mombasa or another place along the coast. The pick-up and drop-off time is dependent on where you are residing.

Supervised by a guide, you will take a beautiful walk through the forest and you will be amazed by butterflies and birds, among others, as well as the breathtaking nature. Take for example the mangroves; you will be able to enjoy them while walking on a rope bridge.

Rope bridge over the mongrove in Mida Creek Follow us!
Mongrove in Mida Creek The view from the tie bridge
Attention visitors from the rope bridge in Mida Creek Read this before you start with walking