Shimba Hills National Park

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Shimba Hills National Park is located 40 km south of Mombasa and is only a stone's throw away from Diani Beach. Because it is near the southern coast of Kenya, there is a very agreeable and fresh climate in the park. With a surface area of 320 square kilometers, Shimba Hills is one of the smaller but prettier national parks in Kenya. Because of the enormous forestation and variety in vegetation within the park, visitors enjoy an immense diversity in flora and fauna. The pastures, rain forests, rivers, waterfalls, and open fields make for various unique opportunities to observe the wildlife in their natural habitat. One of these animals is the very rare sable antelope; in Kenya, this animal can only be seen in Shimba Hills National Park.

You can't miss this!

During the safari in Shimba Hills National Park there are a few highlights that you simply cannot miss! Take for example the Sheldrick waterfall. This is a majestic waterfall of around 25 meters high. During the rain season you will see one waterfall, but during the warmer months, the waterfall splits itself into two streams. The climate is warm and humid, but not as hot compared to other parks. A refreshing dip in the water is therefore recommended! 

The Mwele Mdogo Forest is a thickly wooded rain forest. During the British colonization of Kenya, this rain forest served as a military camp and lookout. Now, you can find many different kinds of beautiful butterflies and birds.

Mwanluganje Forest is a rain forest where an elephant shelter is located. The rain forest has a surface area of 32 square meters. The elephant shelter was specially initiated in 1933 to guard against deforestation, protect the indigenous trees, and make sure conflict between men and animal was minimalized. Besides elephants, you will also find many different birds and various tree species.


Enjoy the spectacular landscape and the various animals. In Shimba Hills National Park there are many lookouts that offer a beautiful overview of the diversity of the area. The Giriama lookout is located on the path to Sheldrick Falls and offers a view of the Indian Ocean and the skyline of Mombasa. Would you like to see the leopards? Then Buffalo Ridge is the ideal spot. This lookout is known for having high chances of spotting the leopards. Besides leopards, you will also be able to see various apes, lions, (water)buffalos, masai giraffes, ostriches, elephants and the rare sable antelope, all within the Shimba Hills National Park. You could also spot more than 100 different species of indigenous birds, bats and butterflies.