Who we are, what is our mission and what are our goals?

Short history of the origin of Netherken Safaris & Tours


We are Janet and Ton, a Kenyan-Dutch couple who met each other in Kenya in 2008. Janet already owned a hotel in Mombasa, Mikindani Sunset Lodge, and Jacyjoka Apartments & Restaurant in Nyali, Mombasa. Together we decided to expand our tourism business in Kenya in order to make sure we had a good income for the future and to be able to feel at home in both Kenya and the Netherlands. The expansion consisted of increasing the capacity of Jacyjoka from 6 to 12 apartments, and adding a swimming pool and a restaurant, all in a beautiful garden. Furthermore, the expansion consisted of the establishment of Butterfly4Volunteers, a volunteer and internship mediation company operating from the office of Jacyjoka. Last but not least, we created Netherken Safaris & Tours.

Our Mission

Netherken, a combination of 'Netherlands' and 'Kenya', was started because we are already involved in providing our hospitality services by managing Mikindani Sunset Lodge and Jacyjoka Apartments & Restaurant. We see it as our core task to offer people all facets of hospitality and at the end of the day, we would like to see people happy and satisfied with our service. We want to communicate these aspirations to even more people, together with the customization and service we want to offer with Netherken Safaris & Tours. We want all of our customers from all over the world to be satisfied with all our services in the experience of hospitality. 

We work closely with our selected partners in Kenya. They know the country like no other and will propagate our standard for a unique holiday from start to finish. For example, we have a close relationship with Jacyjoka Apartments & Restaurant in Mombasa, where you can relax either before or after your safari in Kenya, by laying near the pool in the beautifully landscaped garden. Of course you can also book another accommodation with us.

Our Goals

Since 2009 we are a registered company in Kenya and we are headquartered in Mombasa. Our goal is to organize all kinds of safaris, day trips, accommodations and arrangements in Kenya for customers from all over the world. In the Netherlands, we provide online support from Julianadorp.

For people who want to discover the wonderful nature and culture of Africa. We also organize various day trips to Wasini, Watamu and lots of other places in the beautiful country of Kenya. Together with us you can put together your own holiday and also adapt it. This is ideal for people who want to control their own adventure and holiday. 

Kenya was the first African country where Netherken started in 2010, and the goal was organizing a Kenya safari combined with a stay in the beautifully situated lodges in Kenya. From these lodges, you can embark on a ‘hunt’ by means of a game drive. Become a ‘big game’ hunter and shoot beautiful photos of your ‘hunting trophy’. Enjoy this even more over a good dinner at your lodge!  

Soon there will be all kinds of accommodations in Nairobi and Mombasa and other places in Kenya. A hotel in Nairobi, a safari in Kenya, or a tour of Kenya? You're at the right address with Netherken!

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