Our Custom work and Service

Safari van near a vantage point in Shimba Hills Safari van near a vantage point in Shimba Hills
a classroom in Mombasa Combine your safari holiday with a visit to a classroom
New classroom in Mombasa With your donation, new classrooms can be built
Donate cuddly toys by visiting a school Visit a school and donate for example cuddly toys


Why should you book with Netherken Safaris and Tours? 

Netherken Safaris and Tours is part of a bigger picture where accommodations, volunteer work and internships are offered, but you can also join projects in our Foundation. This all makes it very appealing to have everything organized from one single place, where the customer is constantly consulted to make sure everything is done right. For example, you can do a safari in combination with working on one of the projects within the Foundation.

Responsible safaris and day tours

With Netherken, you can only book responsible safaris. A responsible safari means respecting the environment and the animals, minimizing any ‘disturbances’, and making sure you pay attention to any safety hazards. Waste is always being taken back to the lodge, animals are not being taunted, and one does not exit the vehicle.

Netherken will also give you the opportunity to make a donation in any way you desire, for example by visiting an animal shelter or an orphanage. You can donate when you book your safari or holiday, or you can plan a visit to the project you are donating to, and discuss what you can offer by buying commodities, food, etc.

Beware! Distributing cash at the site will have to be carefully thought over to make sure your generosity will not be abused.

Transportation during the safaris and day tours

Netherken and our partners have various modes of transportation at their disposal, including luxurious cars, safari vans with 2WD and 4WD, jeeps and minivans. This makes it possible to transport up to 8 people in regular cars and up to 25 people in our buses.

Safe and easy booking

With Netherken, you can safely and easily book your safari. We will make sure everything is taken care of so you will not have to worry about anything during your holiday. Not only can we book your tour or your safari, we can also take care of your accommodation before and after, as well as car rentals and your entire holiday in Kenya from beginning to end. The only thing you will have to do is book your flight tickets, make sure your passport is valid, make sure you have the appropriate visa, and perhaps request an international driver's license. Do you want to put together a tour? Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Your airport transfer

It doesn't matter whether you arrive in Nairobi and Mombasa, we will make sure there is a transfer available to the accommodation safari or tour you booked with us.

A competent driver will be ready when you arrive carrying a sign with your name, and will address you in your own language if possible. This way, you will be transported to your accommodation in a relaxing manner, and you will be accompanied all the way to reception. And what if your Kenya safari or your tour is nearly over? Then we will make sure you will arrive at the airport in time and you will be guided to the right departure hall.