Booking your trip with Netherken Safaris&Tours
If you want to book a trip with us, you can either send us an email or you can fill in the form at our website. We would like to ask you to completely state your name, address and contact details. When we have received confirmation of your booking, we will present you with a bid within three weeks. This bid can be accustomed to your own wishes.

Payment terms
When you have accepted the bid, you will receive a booking confirmation.
Seven days at the latest, after you have received the booking confirmation, we need to have received your deposit:
- Via Pesapal with your credit card. You will receive a link in your confirmation for payment via Pesapal.
- Our Kenyan bank account. Account name: Netherken Safaris, Bank name: Stanbic Bank, The Nyali Centre, First Floor, Suite 31 A&B, P.O Box 87496- 80100 GPO Mombasa, Kenya. Swift Code: SBICKENX

KES  Account number: 0100000215273   for payments in Kenia
EUR Account number: 0100005839585   for payments in Eurolanden
USD Account number: 0100005839445   for payments in the other countries

stating your name and the safari or tour you have booked.

The deposit consists of 30 percent of the total cost. The entire amount needs to be paid seven weeks at the latest in advance of your trip.

Cancelling your trip

You have the right to cancel your booked trip by email. The costs vary, depending on the booking

-If you have already paid the deposit: 30 percent of the total cost.

-If you paid all the costs, and you do not leave for another two weeks: 30 percent of the total cost.

-If you paid all the costs, and you leave in less than two weeks: the total cost.

-If you want to cancel your trip, and you leave in less than 2 weeks, you owe us the total cost.

Loss/damage/theft/personal injuries and other inconvenience
Netherken Safaris&Tours cannot be hold responsible for loss, damage or theft of your personal belongings, nor can we be hold accountable for personal injuries or death. We advise you to get a travel insurance and a cancellation insurance.
Please keep in mind that the travel destination differs from your own country. For example, the terrain might be difficult, the food is different, and the facilities regarding water, electricity and internet may be less accessible. We expect you to be flexible in order to fully enjoy your holiday.
Please contact your local health source for news about possible vaccinations and don’t forget to bring proof of the vaccinations you have gotten.

Our bids

All our bids describe which things are included in the price that you pay for your trip, for example your entrance fee, lunches and excursions. Of course, your flight tickets, documents and personal expenses are not covered in your bid.


We maintain the right to change your accommodation of choice. If your accommodation proves to not be available due to a trip that has been booked fairly late, we will of course present you with an alternative. When this is the case, we will let you know as soon as possible.


When you make a booking, you automatically accept the general terms and conditions.