Border pickup

Do you want to travel from Kenya to Tanzania or vice versa to do a safari? We will make sure there is another safari company to pick you up at the border; this will either be us or our partner in Tanzania.


What is a ‘game drive’?

A 'game drive' could be translated as a 'wild drive'. It used to be a drive to score a trophy by shooting a wild animal. Now the beautiful photos are the trophy and it's a ‘game’ to try and shoot the most beautiful picture possible. Different vehicles are used for the game drives, such as a 4- or 2-wheel driven safari bus with a top-up roof that can be lifted up.


Big Five?

This are the: elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and the leopard.


Private safaris and tours

Netherken focuses on private safaris, which are planned together with the customer. There will be no other people in your bus or jeep. You decide for yourself how many people your private safari will consist of and Netherken will provide appropriate transportation with a maximum of 6 people per bus or jeep, and the number of vans and jeeps according to ratio. 


Do I need to bring food and drinks?

There are always bottles of drinking water on board. Food and drinks are provided in the lodges for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your driver will ensure that you always return to the lodges on time. It is possible to take your lunch along with you for a picnic, and this will have to be discussed with your driver.