From August 1, 2020 International flights to Kenya are again possible. You can go on safari now! The big 5 is waiting for you and will give you a discount or 5% for a booked safari until August 31, 2020 by Netherken.

10 Year experience

100% Tailor-made

24/7 Accessible

Elephants on the waterside in one of the Kenyan Game Parks Mate?, Can we cross here?

What we can tailor for you

Lion in Tsavo


Netherken organizes safaris in Kenya; we guarantee you won’t miss a thing!                                                   

Tie bridge over de mongrove in Abokoke Sokoke Forest in Malindi

Day Tours

Netherken knows the spots you have to see; we will gladly take you on one of our tours in Kenya!

The garden of the Voyager


We can offer you multiple types of accommodations in Kenya like a hotel or an apartment.                        

Feeding time in Nguuni Natuurpark Mombasa


Netherken offers various arrangements in Kenya that can be tailor-made to your wishes.                              

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Great experience with reliable tour operator.

absolutely worth it

Everything was exactly as described on the Internetpage of the tour operator, so no bad surprises, problems or anything else to complain about. Nice and cozy lodges in the nationalparks. Driver was gentle and funny and trying his best to get us to see animals.



Nadine and Tobi, 26 August 2019
Ton near the Netherken safari van
The start of Netherken Safaris & Tours

We are Janet and Ton, a Kenyan-Dutch couple who, after meeting one another, decided to expand Janet’s business (Mikindani Sunset Lodge and Jacyjoka Apartments) in Mombasa. The start of Netherken Safaris and Tours was a part of this expansion. The name Netherken was created by combining the words “Netherlands and Kenya”.


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